Corporate Documents. Annual Reports.

Managing corporate design studios for a large part of my career, I have first-hand experience of the internal processes, interdisciplinary teamwork and countless hours that go into collating, designing and producing Corporate Reports.

Whether it be an Annual Report, or a focused Project Report reflecting on a term of legislative achievement, I understand the sensitivity required in bringing the collective ideas of a working group to the table.

Brand sensitivity and succinct visual communication are just two of the essential skills required in producing high quality Corporate Documents. Material can often be heavy in text and statistics, reflecting the months spent in production. Information should be managed in a way that is digestible, visually engaging, and conveyed with respect to those involved in the study.


Business TEMPLATES. Project Tenders. Presentations.

Need a fresh approach to your Corporate Documents? This client wanted a great looking MS Word Template that they could utilise for Project Tenders - a reusable template that was on brand, looked sharp, and most of all - simple to use.

Whether you need a Microsoft Word or Powerpoint Template, you can rest assured that your proposals will stand out from the rest. I create designs that are professional, uncluttered and contemporary. Best of all you don’t need to be a Microsoft Guru to use them - my ultimate goal for you is to prepare templates that are easy to use.

Contact me today to discuss a bespoke suite of templates that help you put your best foot forward!